Aurora Global Failovers

As part of an overwhelming stampede to migrate to the cloud, we are looking at using AWS RDS Aurora MySQL as a platform for some of our database clusters. Lots of people have lots of opinions about Aurora, some of them are probably justified and some probably not. I was interested in testing the high availability and disaster recovery capabilities of Aurora. To be specific, I am testing Aurora v2 (though I expect v3 to work the same).

Back in the Saddle

After a long haiatus, I am back in the world of MySQL and infrastructure. I spent over 10 years at Percona, first as a MySQL Consultant, then as a manager, then as an IT doer of things, finally as the Director of IT. Earlier this year I made the decision to return to an individual contributor role at a new (to me) company, Block, or more specifically, Square. What I’m doing now No doubt some old-timers will remember my blogs at Percona, mostly about PXC and Galera.